January 22, 2006:


Mark Your Calendars!


Lawrence, KS, Mayor Boog Highberger declares International Dadaism Month to be observed on the following dates in 2006:


February 4, April 1, March 28, July 15, August 2, August 7, August 16, August 26, September 18, October 1, October 7, and October 26.


This yearís dates were selected by rolling dice and pulling numbers out of a hat.



November 2005:


The George Marcelovitch Project


In November, 2005, Jen Fries and Riki Moss, two artists who did not know each other, were not familiar with each otherís work, and who work in different media and styles, met and decided on impulse to collaborate on an installation they called ďAn Afternoon with George at the Dog Park.Ē


The Dog Park presented George Marcelovitch, a conceptual artist found loitering at the edge of a small urban park, and four red dogs busy doing something with green balls.† The enigmatic scene raised many questions about George, about the dogs and what they were doing, about Georgeís relationship to the dogs, and theirs to him.† Jen and Riki printed the questions on cards so visitors could write answers and drop them into a green box (made in honor of another Marcel).


The answers to those first questions created the beginnings of a story, expanding on a reality that previously had not existed.† The George Marcelovitch Project will continue this expansion with more installations, web art, games, and audience participation to track the development of a random, improvisational, collaborative idea engine that first kicked into gear with the chance meeting of two artists.


Check here and at Riki Mossís web site for further developments in The George Marcelovitch Project.